APSIC Infection Control Society or Association Membership

There are no joining fees

Associations, societies and individuals from infection control disciplines in country and regional areas of the Asia Pacific region are welcome to become members of APSIC in accordance with the APSIC Constitution.

Associations/Society members
For your associations/society to become a member your association/society needs represent of a country or regional infection control association/society in the Asia Pacific region.

Such associations/society need to complete and submit an application form on behalf of their association/society. Once the application has been endorsed by the APSIC Executive Committee representative/s of your association/society are welcome to participate in the APSIC Council meetings in accordance with the APSIC Constitution.

The APSIC Council meeting is held during the APSIC congress meetings. An association/society application form can be obtained by contacting APSIC.

See if your association or society is a member of APSIC: APSIC Association/Society Members